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A mixed-reality toy to spark creative thinking

Hatch your tribe!

Imagine a never-ending surprise egg that actually works like a real egg. A sensor equipped toy that will allow you to incubate hundreds of digital characters: The Melbits™. Each incubation process creates a unique character to collect. Help your child to balance screen time and become active in a world of imagination and fun by nurturing the most kawaii mixed-reality creatures!

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Meet the Melbits™!

MAGICAL DIGITAL!. Welcome everybody to the Melbits™ universe!. The new and cutest characters suitable for ages 5 and up. What if the fantasy world is still alive inside Internet, and every connected device is inhabited by digital pixies that keep the balance of the Digital Realm?. Become a Melbits™ Maker and help Melbits™ in their mission!.

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Awesome benefits

More than 40 different real-world hatching challenges and hundreds of characters to add to your collection.  Discover the different Melbits families and breeds and keep your tribe happy!.

Physical-digital play

Playing with sensors to promote creative thinking and action-reaction understanding.

Empathy growth

Foster healthy emotional development when nurturing and identifying feelings.

Positive digital habits

Provide play time dosification and promote off-screen time.

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