Imagine an egg in which the little chicks are born inside a mobile device after being incubated in the real world. Melbits POD is more than an electronic toy or a resource management app for virtual pets, it’s a truly comprehensive and multimedia online-offline open-ended game, or as we like to call it a great mixed-reality toy.

We allow for an ever-growing digital collection that is unlocked with ONLY ONE object instead of other solutions that rely on continuous expenditure of multiple items. Functionality of the toy can be upgraded over the air and new additional minigames an apps can be added to the POD platform later to extend its use.

A few drops won’t do anything, full immersion will ruin the circuits.

No, the rule of thumb is “don’t put it where you wouldn’t put your hand”

The fridge is totally fine. The freezer might affect some of the circuits and battery. The rule of thumb is “don’t put it where you wouldn’t put your hand”

No, it’s casing is made of very resistant recyclable rubber. It’ll bounce off!

Yes! The POD is designed for all ages, starting at 5-6, where they might need a bit of help from the parents to get started. My nieces are 5 and 7 and they LOVE it.

Technology is transparent for the user and packed in a tough and safe kids friendly design, we depart from making “the kids’ version of the adults tech”. Technology just enables the magic. We have learned from previous smart toys and developed a tech toy that does not collect any kids’ sensitive data to deliver the fun (no mic, no camera, no location, only local anonymous data).

Infinite! But you can only have 20 at the same time, when you reach that number the adults will want to spread what they’ve learned across the Internet.

No! You still have the Melbitopedia entry and you can call it back after a little while. Let Melbits be Melbits!

Not really, the POD is an intrinsic part of the game, but you could borrow a POD and make some Melbits. Chances are they won’t live long, but you can have a taste for the game 🙂

Roughly 5 to 100 years old. Grandpa is 103 and he couldn’t really figure it out, but hey, maybe your grandpa can!

Yes! They would need two separate devices with different apps if they want to make separate families. If they can take turns they can definitely share!

You mean SAR? Great question! The POD uses bluetooth only, the emission of radio frequencies is minimal, negligible compared to a phone.